OPINION:  Anyone not in lockstep with blogger Carroll may have their Facebook, email  and/or website hacked.

Private messages sent to me from Carroll Saturday, 7-16.  Was this threatening behavior seeking to intimidate me?

Carroll even posted an audio recording recently between asst DA Gary Maxwell and attorney Ruth Robinson that may have been hacked from Robinson’s computer.

Audio that appears to have been hacked
Originally I had thought Carroll was seeking justice for those in Alabama’s 20th circuit who had been criminally  mistreated. Unfortunately, it no longer appears that way.

Carroll also claimed to have a confidential ABI or SBI (state bureau of investigation) audio  that James Bailey admitted his involvement in CJ Hatfield murder.  That article was a royal  scam as the audio provided had nothing to do with Bailey, it was a discussion of the KHaron Davis case.  IF Carroll did have possession of confidential SBI  documents or audio he could have only received them if he hacked the SBI computers or if someone like the AG or DA gave it to him.  Did Carroll intentionally seek to mislead his followers, thus seeking to sway public opinion against Bailey.  Carroll must enjoy reading my post.  He switched the audio on his original post from KHaron Davis to one he is purporting to be from ABI. 

 Unless he can authenticate said replaced audio and where it came from, we would presume it is a FORGERY unless he is willing to take the stand in the Bailey case and state under oath where this REVISED audio came from.  Did Carroll possibly steal  another audio by hacking someone’s computer or IS HE WORKING FOR VALESKA AND/OR THE ATTORNEY GENERAL AND BEING PAID TO INSURE THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE STAYS OUT OF ANY KIND OF INVESTIGATION INTO COURTHOUSE CORRUPTION IN THE 20TH CIRCUIT?
Will JUDGE BRAD MENDHEIM pull as I expected; a screw job on the James  Bailey trial and his attorney Ruth Robinson? Robinson by and through a forensic handwriting expert exposed  documents as authentic that  Carroll had stated were forgeries and  the Attorney General picked up and ran with Carroll’s opinion in their railroading of justice.
The AG sent 6 (SIX) attorneys to essentially defend Doug Valeska and his questionable if not criminal practices this week in Brad Mendheim’s courtroom.  A case that had the potential to jail DA Doug Valeska and others.
In the end,  Mendheim possibly will rule that Robinson’s handwriting expert’s testimony will not be Admitted into evidence.  Make sure you understand that;  the judge can throw  out evidence that would have potentially jailed Doug Valeska, it is all up to his kangaroo court digression.  This would be no surprise as I have seen 20th circuit judges play dirty pool by not allowing clean and clear evidence into court that would have  put criminals in jail.

Carroll has written several posts about the James Bailey case, but things took a turn when he first started alleging forgeries of documents involved and later overtly stating said documents were forgeries.  It was at that point I questioned his agenda.  He further appeared to seek to besmirch Attorney Ruth Robinson’s character  by calling her crazy among other insults.

Flip flopping in helping fight corruption
We have observed  Carroll call many people crazy.  It seems anyone that stands up to him is labeled as crazy.  He has a long history of this.  We are sure he will next pull the crazy card on this blogger as he frequently does when he has no defense and/or as it appears,  he just allegedly hacks your Facebook account, emails  and websites which is a Federal offense.

The day I posted the article alluding to Carroll, 3 of my own gmail accounts were hacked, the passwords repeatedly changed and now it seems my computer has been compromised.  If this website or my FB accounts become hacked he has given reason to look directly at him as the culprit.

I am not concerned with being called crazy as Carroll most likely will do;  ALL THE BEST PEOPLE ARE.

At least I don’t blog as Carroll appears to, about a glass of whiskey, a gun and a bible on my table…. Pining over life choices and mistakes and seeking someone to save me from my depressed, drunken self.

Carroll’s Whiskey, gun and bible rant
The larger question should be why did Carroll  write prolifically  seeking to throw the James Bailey case  and lawyer Ruth Robinson under the bus with out factual evidence?  And why has he for over 6 months  failed to turn  over 800+ internal Dothan police documents he claimed to have, exposing corruption in the 20th circuit to the United States Department of Justice?





Gregory Ray Sellers photographed at Houston County Jail with bruises on his neck allegedly from altercation with Candace Hatcher Santiago.


Once again we are back in a sorry, seedy courtroom in Alabama’s 20th circuit, trying to negotiate the rule of law with a D.A. that knows no rule of law along with  the D.A.’s  “back pocket” cronies.  This week involved Judge Brad Mendheim in a Rule 32 hearing  filed by Gregory Sellers pro se from Holman Prison where he has been incarcerated.    Sellers was moved to the Houston County Jail in anticipation of his court scheduled 8:30 a.m. , July 8 hearing.  Unfortunately, little goes by the books or schedule in the 20th circuit.  At the last second Sellers was advised that his hearing had been changed to July 5. 

Gregory Ray Sellers filed a Rule 32 hearing on the grounds of incompetent counsel.  His previous attorney: C.J. Haywood, who had been appointed by Judge Brad Mendheim and is one of the good judge’s two (2) handpicked lawyers selected by the judge and appointed by the judge per the judge’s whim, to represent indigent defendants, of which a prison inmate is considered indigent. 

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