Known as STOP JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ALABAMA on Facebook. Seeking to expose legitimate corruption by judges and others in Alabama including those ignoring the law.

SJCA seeks to bring attention to corrupt and criminal actions by judges, politicians, peace officers and others. Whether it involves, their destroying evidence, illegal jailings, granting child custody to known criminals and/or pedophiles, denying visitation of children or making it so difficult that parental visitation is impossible, taking advantage of the elderly or infirm, theft of estates and real property from citizens, or having “donors” pay off loans or mortgages for judges or the exchange of cash to throw a case. If you have credible evidence of corruption of a judge; we want to know.

I am a almost 3 decade victim of judicial abuse; from the custody, child support and visitation of my child to the covering up of forged documents for my parents. I am not a lawyer, and can not practice law in any state, but possibly together we can find a solution to your situation with a new lawyer, etc.. I am honored to be allowed to try to help!

The following link is my own story; that pushed me to seek out and fight to assist others in seemingly impossible situations.

Alabama Governor Bob Riley Sought to Annihilate Corruption Whistleblower



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  1. It is for sure in the State of Alabama when you make a request under the Freedom of Information Act, you will not receive the information requested, nor a response of any kind. This is a violation of state law..

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  2. It is a fact here in the State of Alabama when you request documents from an agency under the freedom of information act. you will not receive a response. That is a violation of the Law. And our Governor or the Attorney General could care lees

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