Dothan paid a videographer to try to make that town look wholesome; they left out Kharon Davis.“>Dothan video

Dothan politicians used funds to pay a videographer to portray the town in a favorable light, just as they have paid others to do same. If it was so great, no paid video would have been necessary. This video does not portray the real Dothan. Dothan is a town run on the back of protected illegal drug trade. Police, politicians and courts protect the main income: illegal drug trafficking. Move there to your detriment; they will steal your soul, your money and everything you hold dear.

This is a town that has done everything in its power to prevent the Department of Justice from investigating their corrupt politicians, courts and police.  Jeff Sessions, a racist Alabamian now heads the DOJ and will protect the corrupt side of Dothan and Alabama from being exposed just has he has protected same for decades.

Why was Kharon Davis, a black man being held in the local jail for almost a decade without a trial shown in the “hometown” Dothan video or the other real side of Dothan; poor, disheartened citizens that have had their lives stolen from them by a corrupt system that feeds and profits off of the disadvantaged?

If Dothan politicians have to pay to make the town look good, then there is something very bad being covered up.  How many thousands of public dollars were used for this farce of a video?  Why was this squandered $$$ not used to REALLY make the town a better place?

Why did the Dothan video not show the proliferation of banks in the town?  More banks per capita than anywhere else in the country.  Why would such a small town need so many banks?  Could it be because their main line business (as whispered throughout the area) is laundering illegal drug monies?

 Why has the federal government turned a blind eye to the massive illegal activities being run through “sweet home Alabama”?







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