Kharon Davis,
Kharon Davis,
Day in and day out Kharon Davis faces the walls of his solitary cell with no end in sight to his politically charged incarceration.  Davis has often felt he is afraid to eat the meals given to him in jail; afraid he will be intentionally poisoned.  Davis is an albatross upon D.A. Doug Valeska’s neck, as Valeska has played cesspool with the courts and with other inmates, attempting to strong-arm someone into testifying against Davis so that Valeska can be free of finger pointing directed at him regarding prosecutorial misconduct and civil rights violations.


D.A. Doug Valeska and Davis’s current judge; Kevin Moulton play psychological warfare games with Kharon both in and out of court.  They often place him behind a partition or other maneuvers when he is in court, so he is unable to view his Mother, Crycynthia Davis, relatives, supporters and vice versa.  All this,  in hopes of breaking Davis down so that he will save Valeska’s backside and sign a plea deal admitting to a murder he has stated he did not commit.  Davis has been denied visitation with his Mother for longer than is necessary; all in the name of psychological warfare and believe me, Valeska and his soiled cronies are master manipulators in EVERY respect.

Consider being in solitary 23 hours a day; little things mean a lot.  Something to eat from the canteen or even a bottle of shampoo can make you feel human in an inhumane situation.  So I am asking that to celebrate Kharon’s birthday, donations be made to his jail account so he can purchase canteen items, make phone calls or even buy a stamp to mail a letter.

The company that runs the online company where funds can be applied to an inmate’s account have their own rules and issues so if you are unable to make a gift because too many have sent funds  on a certain day, please try again. And I am asking if you choose to give to his 32nd Birthday Year Fund as I will call this, please send me a message just letting me know an amount (which will be kept private) so we can insure no shenanigans take place by Valeska or the warden regarding Kharon’s funds.

This is the website to make a payment to an inmate at the Houston County Jail:

If you prefer to speak with an agent, the phone number to make a deposit is:  888-277-2535 or 888-604-7888

The Houston County Jail facility number is 5500

Kharon Davis’s inmate number is 56732


Thank  you for your kind consideration, this will give Kharon Davis hope.


 And without hope, what is life?






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