James Bailey mugshot
James Bailey mugshot

20th circuit D.A. Doug Valeska was recently heard making the statement “I am not going to jail”.  How many of his cronies has Valeska lined up to protect him from questionable if not illegal actions involving in this instance, the murder trial of James Bailey .  Bailey was given life without parole for a murder  he allegedly was not even in the state at the time of the murder.  The attorney originally appointed to represent Bailey did a “roll over” and failed to do much if anything to defend Bailey at the initial trial where Doug Valeska did one of his steam roller routines in giving what may be an innocent man; life without parole, something that is not unheard of in that district.  Typically Valeska and his office staff will claim in court that they have a video, or evidence, etc. “but they lost it”, so no solid evidence is ever admitted to court.  Most jurors have no reason to not believe their own “crime fighting” D.A. and have never experienced one that out and out lies to get what he wants, so they go along innocently with Valeska’s game.  The hand selected, appointed attorneys who represent indigent defendants in the 20 circuit, fail to call out Valeska and company for their lying antics, they just mumble and shuffle on.

Alabama Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 32, post conviction remedies

Over and over we continue to find cases where Valeska used his influence with local judges and lawyers appointed to represent defendants to do the proverbial screw job on the defendant, oftentimes with a defendant who was innocent.  Innocent victims have even been threatened allegedly by Valeska to accept a plea deal “or he would make sure they got the needle” (death sentence). 

I too am well aware of the wrath of Valeska and the crooked courthouse crowd.  I left Alabama concerned I too would possibly have drugs or other contraband planted on me by one of the peace officers in Dothan sent to harass me after I sought to expose questionable if not criminal activities ongoing in the courthouse. Once they get their claws into you, target you and plant something on you, there is NOTHING you can do to defend yourself against the corruption in the 20th circuit. 

How bad are the unscrupulous actions involving Doug Valeska, certain judges, Dothan Police Chief Parrish and certain peace officers in the 20th circuit? 

June 28 and 29, 2016,   12 FBI agents converged from outside the area into  Dothan along with Robert Lasky, special agent in charge Alabama FBI,  so that victims of corruption in the 20th circuit could share their plight regarding Civil Rights Violations and evidence of Public Corruption.  

Those meetings were initiated by Community Activist Ruth Nelson with Dothan For Justice Now, and other actively involved agencies.  Approximately 90 people spoke with the FBI after providing sworn affidavits regarding the validity of their claims.  I too made the trip to Dothan from New York and shared my own experiences involving corruption in the 20th Circuit.  I considered those meetings so vitally important that I made the trip after not traveling to Alabama for over 5 year (even to my Mother’s funeral) after fleeing the state, fearing for my life.   I was not the only party arriving covertly  to meet with the FBI in order to protect their safety.    I gave agents I met with an almost  4 inch thick binder filled with documents to substantiate  claims, and I was advised that my own Civil Rights had been violated with an illegal arrest and possibly a kidnapping by authorities in Alabama as I have written about previously and is exposed in  the ABOUT section of this website and on our corresponding Stop Judicial Corruption Alabama Facebook page. 

Activist Ruth Nelson with Stop Judicial Corruption Blogger, Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein. Dothan June 28, 2016
Activist Ruth Nelson with Stop Judicial Corruption blogger, Kathryn Bauman Rubenstein. Dothan FBI meeting,  June 28, 2016

After 2 days in an intensive conclave,  Alabama  FBI and the Department of Justice had a better handle on how things are “home cooked” illegally in Dothan and why many fear for their very lives.  Dothan’s Mayor and some if not all city commission members don’t want the FBI and the Department of Justice investigating anything anywhere near their city.  The mayor and select commission members along with their own posse even flew to Washington recently, seeking to derail any kind of investigation by the DOJ into complaints of corruption involving Dothan Police,  D.A. Doug Valeska and corroborating  judges.

 Understand this:  Taxpayer money was spent by  Dothan Mayor Schmitz and others to protect ongoing corruption in Dothan AND TO KEEP THE FEDS OUT SO ONGOING CRIMINALITY IN THE LOCAL LEGAL SYSTEM WOULD NOT BE EXPOSED.  

 Politicians in Alabama appear to be willing to do ANYTHING to sustain corruption in the 20th circuit and keep it under wraps and secreted from the Department of Justice.  Which brings us back to the July 18th Rule 32 Petition hearing of James Bailey, a case that has the potential to ignite a firestorm against corruption and possibly JAIL  D.A. DOUG VALESKA. 

The Calvary, aka Alabama’s Attorney General Luther Strange, has circled Dothan and Doug Valeska to protect both from exposure of illegal jailing’s of innocent victims.  Just to insure everything is fully disclosed, Doug Valeska’s brother Don Valeska worked for the Attorney General’s office and then Alabama’s Middle District of Alabama for  the U.S. Attorney, which is an arm of the DOJ.  Apparently, Valeska believes through his schemes, connections and deals he has covered all his bases.

Do D.A. Doug Valeska and white collar politicians who have been involved in criminal activity deserve to be protected in the 20th circuit , circuit where white and black criminals receive vastly different sentences for the same crime?  Consistently throughout his approximate 30 year history in the D.A.’s office, Valeska has turned a blind eye to white collar crime involving his own buddies, yet appears to have targeted innocent black citizens.

James Bailey’s case is complex even without the current histrionics being interjected by the Attorney General’s office.  The AG from the outset, sought to place themselves squarely in this Rule 32 Petition hearing but for no other reason than to protect Valeska and others from facing jail time for falsely incarcerating an innocent man.  (Granted this is not just a single episode of a defendant being found guilty without evidence, many of the almost 90 victims recanting their situations recently to the FBI  exposed similar tales of railroading by Valeska and the courthouse crowd.)


Attorney Ruth Robinson
Attorney Ruth Robinson

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange’s office filed a Motion to keep James Bailey’s attorney, Ruth Robinson  from representing him.  The A.G. claims  Bailey’s attorney, must be called as a witness to testify about allegedly forged documents which are part of the Bailey case.  Unfortunately, the AG doesn’t want James Bailey’s own Mother to be a witness and testify about the same documents which were stored at her own home, under her own bed.  Not if, but when (in our opinion) Luther Strange and Judge Brad Mendheim get rid of Bailey’s attorney, Ruth Robinson, then Mendheim will appoint his own roll over, do what we say, kind of attorney to represent Bailey; someone who will protect the integrity of corruption in the 20th circuit for all its worth. 


Motion in Opposition to Appointing Ruth Robinson Attorney for James Bailey; Attorney General

Luther Strange and Doug Valeska’s  scheme is all about providing legally  incompetent counsel for defendants in the 20th circuit so that millions of dollars can be made on the backs of innocent victims by and through the court system, jails and prisons.  

Motion to Quash; Attorney Ruth Robinson

 In  Strange’s Motion and attorney Robinson’s Motion to Quash, there are notations of an allegedly forged document.  The document the Alabama Attorney General’s office cited as a forgery was based SOLELY upon a post from another Alabama blogger.  Regurgitate that again; The Alabama Attorney General is basing its evidence of an alleged forged document in the James Bailey case on a blogger.  Apparently said blogger with intent and purpose has sought to derail the Bailey case by insinuating there were allegedly  questionable documents.   Documents that were not even to be included in  Bailey’s Rule 32 case.    Who this blogger works for, we do not know,  their claim to hold over 800 documents involving corruption ongoing within the Dothan Police Department involving D.A. Doug Valeska have never been shared as requested with the Southern Poverty Law Center or as promised to the Department of Justice.  I recently traveled over a thousand miles to  Dothan to meet with agents of the Department of Justice;  provided documents and shared credible information received from informants throughout the state involving systemic malfeasance in Alabama.   

Drexler Report; documents in question


Same local blogger who alleged forgeries involving the Bailey documents appears to have conveniently left the state with SUDDEN and URGENT plans to allegedly get married and honeymoon when the Bailey case just happens to be ensuing.  Or possibly just a run for the border.  

Response to Motion to Quash; Attorney General

 Big Luther as Alabama’s Attorney General  is affectionately called, apparently is seeking to cut his path to the Governor’s office.  Alabama doesn’t need another politician who protects the very corruption that has brought about upheaval throughout the state.  Strange already initiated  his own efforts into investigating corruption within the Dothan Police Department and 20th circuit courthouses.  Apparently Strange hoped to deflect the Department of Justice after claiming to bring about his own investigation  wrongdoings.  Unfortunately, Luther’s efforts were just another ploy in an attempt  to placate aggrieved  citizens and sweep existing problems under the proverbial rug.  Strange has taken a stand  and  he looms over the James Bailey case while funneling Alabama’s resources and  taxpayer’s money into protecting D.A. Doug Valeska, who has potentially falsely imprisoned  and stolen the very lives of hundreds of innocent victims.

What kind of impartial proceeding can be obtained with the Attorney General’s office and the D.A. breathing down the neck of  Judge Brad Mendheim?  From throughout the state we have received reports that threats is how  judges, D.A.’s and others control anyone that stands in their way or seeks to expose their unlawful actions. It is long past time to clean up the fetid courts in Alabama and any Attorney General that wishes to protect things as they are, should be tossed out of office.

James Bailey proceeds to court Monday, July 18.  Unfortunately, any dirty maneuvers  initiated by  Judge Mendheim, Doug Valeska or  Luther Strange would not surprise me for I too have lost faith in Alabama’s injustice system.

Attorney Ruth Robinson replied to Stop Judicial Corruption’s  request for a statement regarding Monday’s hearing.  She stated and we quote: “Judge Mendheim is known for his fairness and is well respected in this area.  I feel lucky to get to work with him and I believe he will do the correct thing and follow the law in this case which requires nothing less than vacating Mr. Bailey’s 2 life sentences and additional 18 years.  I believe the Judge will grant post-conviction relief to James Bailey.  Evidence of a set-up, as well as other police and prosecutorial misconduct is overwhelming.  The challenge will be to get the Attorney General’s office to focus on the evidence.”

Contact was unable to be made by the time of this post with D.A. Doug Valeska or Attorney General Luther Strange.





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