Kharon Davis; jailed over 8 years without due process. (photo courtesy NYDaily News.com)

Last I heard, Alabama’s 20th Circuit was purported to be a  democracy, part of the United States, under guidance of the United States Constitution with said rights available to ALL citizens. What happened to Kharon Davis being innocent until proven guilt?  Unfortunately Davis has been held without any kind of trial by jury; just D.A. Doug Valeska using his inflated self importance to steal away yet another life of someone he possibly considers “less than”.  Valeska has quite the history of using his elected position to selectively prosecute not white collar criminals marauding throughout town, he like a man of no character or honor targets the most fragile members of society.

If Alabama is a democracy, why did D.A. for the 20th circuit; Doug Valeska, have armed Court House staff escort free citizens of said democracy out of a public courtroom; one paid for with public funds, one where the law allows  ANY citizen can legally observe proceedings, to a hall where said “free citizens” (who just happen to be family members and supporters of Kharon Davis) were photographed and video taped by sheriff deputies?

What were the photos and videos taken for?  Training techniques?  To see what a black citizen looks like up close?  To offer them birthday cakes and ice cream on their special day?  Or maybe it was to make sure they got a ride on pink ribboned unicorns landing momentarily outside the Houston County Courthouse.


Those photos and videos were taken in order to be distributed, so Valeska and his posse can insure  each and every peace officer in Houston County and possibly throughout the state know who these people are; people considered by Valeska to be enemies of the state.  The images of Kharon Davis’s family and supporters were captured and held so that these same “free” citizens could be stopped when driving, walking to the grocery store, to a friends or even to work. So Kharon’s supporters would be easily identifiable by any public servant with a badge and a gun.  And these alleged “free citizens” whose civil rights  are protected by the United States Constitution, would most likely be harassed, targeted for traffic stops, have drugs or illegal weapons planted on them or even FALSELY ACCUSED OF MURDER in Houston County’s unicorn and fairy dust kangaroo courts.

Holocaust Badges used to identify Jewish citizens.

Valeska and his minions actively sought to brand friends and supporters of Kharon Davis  in much the same way the 1940’s  Gestapo in Nazi Germany forced those of the Jewish faith to sew a yellow Star of David onto their clothing in order to be easily identifiable and thusly able to be targeted by those seeking to bring about their demise. It is not necessary in today’s society for anyone to be forced to sew a yellow star on their clothing.  Computers, cell phones and video cameras can do the trick without even making an overt mark upon their intended victims.

Screenshot (141)

If a yellow star or other identifiable mark was forced again upon free citizens, many would rise up to protest such antics.  But if pictures and videos are quietly passed around to employees of the current regime to bring about the same end, no one would be the wiser.

Kharon’s family and supporters won’t  get to ride the sparkling unicorn ascending from  the Houston County Courthouse parking lot, but the way things are proceeding outside the color of  law, certain Courthouse insiders are setting themselves up to be gored.




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