St. Clair County District Judge Robert L. Minor
St. Clair County District Judge Robert L. Minor

Judge Robert Minor appears to have no knowledge of or desire to follow the law in Alabama, he simply makes up his own; because he is  in his minds eye, the grand pooba, judge and jury.  We have encountered this same I make up the laws as I go to benefit me and those who allegedly  pay me, in Chilton County.

Unfortunately in Alabama, there are no checks and balances with regard to the judicial system since the Republicans Party took control and the state Democratic Executive Committee essentially aided the Republicans in having  a single controlling and out of control party .

We are continuing to hear that Judge Robert Minor is using his bench to threaten people who shared our posts which is AGAINST THE LAW for him to do so!  Oh how could we forget; the law does not apply and Minor makes up his own as he goes to suit himself.

Why would Judge Minor allow a case to be brought in his court regarding child custody and support when ALL parties involved reside in another county and have since the inception of the case.  Could it be because one of the parties did some work on the good judge’s personal residence (maybe for free) aka, quid pro quo, and Minor wanted to insure his worker bee got preferential treatment? Judge Minor has no problems chatting it up with the worker bee before he gets court started about work to his residence.  Now it seems the child involved may have been physically abused by Minor’s worker bee bestie, how will that work out?  Child lives in another county and went to the hospital in same county; judge Minor the law is the law, except in your courtroom…….

Judge Minor; some try to judge shop, but you can’t jump county jurisdictions to judge shop.

Or how about the case  in Minor’s court where a family member sought custody of a child, St. Clair County DHR refused to do a home study which would have shown that family member is a safe and viable candidate to adopt the child, instead Minor gave, (or did he sell ) the child or children to a faithful member of his Baptist Church where he is of course a deacon. Allegedly we are wrong to think that Alabama DHR and the court’s job is to attempt to keep relatives and children with their families.  Apparently millions of dollars is to be made by tearing children and families apart by  and through state and federal funds.

DHR in St. Clair County for one, even takes SSI (Supplemental Security Payments from Social Security)  from a child when they go into a foster system in addition to any other fees they can vacuum up such as child support  instead of as other states do, put the minor child’s SSI payments in Trust for when they emancipate out of the system so that they could have funds to attend college or pay for a place to live.   Alabama law allows DHR to take the SSI payments from the children and if the state has an overage from too much money received for a child, DHR then must give the funds back to social security.







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