Governor Bentley Fiddles while Alabama Burns
Governor Bentley Diddles & Fiddles while Alabama Burns

Bentley and his most trusted political advisor, Rebekah Mason  created a scorched earth approach to running the state of Alabama.  Throughout their nefarious endeavors they have burned some of the most vulnerable citizens of the state:  children who have been placed in harms way. Imagine the desperation of a Mother who’s young daughter appears to have been sexually abused by the Father; a judge grants said Father custody of the child, sending her back into harms way.  How far would you go to save your child if DHR is ignoring your pleas and evidence of abuse?  How about to the capital in Montgomery; the Governor’s office, Constituent Services?

Bentley and Mason; they only have eyes for the other....
Bentley and Mason; they only have eyes for each other….

The Mother contacted Becky Bach a Constituent Services Specialist in the office of Governor Bentley.  Bach sought to assist this Mother and her child; a child that had physical evidence of vaginal herpes and rectal scarring as per an affidavit from Dr. Daniel Banach, MD, a  physician with personal knowledge of this situation (see following link).  The St. Clair county DHR office appears to have ignored  overwhelming evidence of  abuse as had the judge on the case:  Judge Robert L.  Minor, brother of St. Clair District Attorney, Richard Minor.


St. Clair County District Judge Robert L. Minor
St. Clair County District Judge Robert L. Minor

Judge Robert L.  Minor with full knowledge of Dr. Banach’s affidavit and other evidence gave full custody to the child’s Father who stood accused of allegedly harming the child. (Where was DA Richard Minor, Judge Minor’s twin brother in this situation?)

Alabama Constituent Services Specialist Becky Bach requested permission from Rebekah Mason to forward the abuse information regarding the female minor  including evidence to the DHR Investigative Task Force.  Mason allegedly gave permission for Bach to forward this complaint to Bentley’s newly formed task force.


Nancy Buckner, DHR Commissioner
Nancy Buckner, Alabama DHR Commissioner

Unfortunately, Nancy Buckner, Commissioner of DHR appeared to have caught wind of this grave situation which had been reported to the DHR Task Force and allegedly caused a stir.  Three days later Becky Bach, Constituent Services Specialist was fired by Rebekah Mason at the direction of Governor Bentley. 


Nancy Buckner couldn’t have anyone find fault with one of her DHR employees, lawyers or social workers, it would reflect upon her own record and potentially smear the department she oversees which receives millions in state, federal funds and corporate grants. Buckner has attempted to keep a low profile, too low in my opinion, as there are hundreds if not thousands of similar situations throughout the state where children in dangerous situations are being ignored, damaging evidence ignored and  are being children placed in harms way.  Nancy Buckner is what is called a “lifer”  she has worked for over 37 years for DHR and came up through the ranks.


Apparently it is not such a good thing to have someone so close to local DHR employees for so many years as Buckner appears to have become complicit and complacent  with unsavory DHR dealings.


This child’s Mother sat in court along with her attorney and wept after Judge Minor ignored their pleas to save the child from further harm, while the DHR lawyer posted on her personal Facebook page from the courtroom, making fun of their plight.  Could the real reason this  investigation was  shut down be due to the Father’s attorney being closely tied to Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange?  The Father’s  attorney, Van Davis, was selected by Strange to be “Acting Attorney General” in certain cases inclusive of the Mike Hubbard prosecution after Luther Strange recused himself.


Has Alabama come to this point where scorched earth methods apply and anyone that questions those with any power or authority are shut down, fired or worse?   

Attorney Van Davis and Special Appointed Alabama Attorney General
Attorney Van Davis and Special Appointed Alabama Attorney General



Pell City investigator for the Police Department, Detective Jonathan Herren attempted  to investigate sexual abuse of this child.  Herren was shut down by others within the state (see following link).  Apparently Erica Elzey, attorney for DHR, among others, chose to not comply with the Pell PD investigation.


Is this what Alabama has come  to, a burning and seared landscape where the rights of its citizens does not matter; only those in power…. and the law does not apply? 


To quote DHR Commissioner Nancy Buckner in a speech before the Early Childhood Education Leadership Summit:

“It is much less costly to raise a healthy child than to repair a dysfunctional adult”.


Could there be a sinister reason court cases involving children are sealed by the courts, not to protect the children; to protect the guilty….






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