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Some Alabama prisons are allowing guards and other employees to either rape or have sexual relations with inmates.  The state of Alabama is charged with protecting inmates and providing for their basic needs while in state prisons.

Stop The Abuse. Please, We Need Outside Help


Code of Alabama 1975 regarding minimum standards for prison/correctional officers
Code of Alabama 1975 regarding minimum standards for prison/correctional officers

It is our understanding guards that were accused of sexual relations against inmates while employed at Tutwiler have not been prosecuted for their criminal actions, but were instead moved to other facilities including The Montgomery Women’s Facility.  This goes against the federal PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act).


Rape, sexual assault  and even consensual sexual relations between an inmate and guard or inmate staff is a criminal civil rights violation, which falls under the Department of Justice Civil Rights division.  A complaint involving sex between an inmate and staff can be filed with the DOJ by filing a complaint in writing to DOJ, Criminal Civil Rights Division.  950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20530, faxed to:  202-514-8336. Or by using the following online form:

Complaints involving physical abuse of ANY citizen by any peace officer or public officer is considered  a criminal civil rights violation and those complaints can be filed to the same address and fax number above.

The Alabama Department of Corrections in its policies disallows any type of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment from its employees.  If that is the case, why are DOC employees being allowed to remain employed after legitimate complaints involving sexual conduct between employee and inmate has taken place?


Montgomery Womens Facility Is Worse Than Tutwiler



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